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Various colorful food dishes Spring 2023: Food, Culture & the Environment is a Course

Spring 2023: Food, Culture & the Environment

Ended May 26, 2023

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Food plays a pivotal role in both connecting us as a species and distinguishing between cultures and groups, but why do we eat what we eat? This course will broadly address the historical, ecological, socioeconomic, biological, political, and cultural environments impacting the human diet and, in turn, how the human diet plays a role in factors such as climate change. It is a nutrition course with an anthropological slant that examines diet and cuisine.

Through exposure to these concepts, this course aims to inspire you to become more aware, informed, and intentional about your role and participation in the food system.

This 8-week course is entirely self-directed. All course materials are optional and made available at the start of the course, but you are welcome and encouraged to pace yourself by focusing on one module per week. There are also two optional, real-time Zoom sessions during this course: A meet-and-greet with the instructor and fellow enrollees, and a live cooking collaboration/demonstration.